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Wireless Communication

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## Communication Complexity
To test equality of to bit strings of length $`k`$ (a function with a fooling set as solution set) $`\mathcal{O}(\log 2^k)`$ bits have to be exchanged. After this, the solution set can be narrowed down to a single value. If fewer bits get exchanged, the solution set can still be a fooling set, which is not monochromatic (same values anywhere) and is therefore ambiguous.
# 11. Lecture
It covers the topic of wireless transport protocols to avoid collisions
## Slotted Aloha
In this protocol, each node sends in a slot with probability $`1/n`$. The probability that in a slot any node successfully transmits is $`1/e`$. But $`n`$ must be known.
## Collision Detection - CD
If a receiver can distinguish receiving nothing from receiving from more than one peer.
## Initialization
The process of obtaining ids $`1 \dots n`$ is called initialization. It can be achieved in the following ways:
### Without CD, n known
Just do slotted aloha, each node that transmitted successfully gets the next ID.
### With CD, n unknown
Sort peers into a binary tree, where each peer ends in a leaf. First all nodes are in the root node. In a node each peer selects either 1 or 0, and then sends either i n the slot 1 or 0. If a collision happens, peers move to the child node, corresponding to the slot they selected. If nobody transmitted in a slot, the corresponding child node can be ignored. If only one peer transmitted, it gets the next free ID. The tree is traversed until there are no collisions anymore.
### Without CD, n unknown
Same as above, but each slot is split into two transmissions, one where only the leader $`l`$ transmits, and one where everybody who wants to transmit in this slot $`S`$ and $`l`$ transmit. Like this it can be distinguish if $`S`$ is empty or contains more than two peers. But a leader has to be determined first.
## Leader Election
### Without CD
Transmit in each round $`k`$ transmit $`ck`$ times with probability $`1/k`$, the first one to transmit alone becomes the leader.
### With CD
Every node transmit in each round with probability $`1/2`$, if more than one node transmits, all nodes that did not transmit quit the protocol.
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