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Draft: Official answers Add more flexible pdf rendering

Leandro Zazzi requested to merge official-answers-pdf-rendering into official-answers

Part of !429 Add more flexible pdf rendering (backend + frontend possibly) - or update pdf-js at least

Add ability to reference PDF (frontend-only)

  • Modify/extend existing PDF renderer to enable 2d clipping instead of 1d like atm.
  • Integrate custom OfficialAnswers component into ReactMarkdown.
  • Create a simple parser for pagenumber and cords.
  • Make it display a helpful error message if the syntax is wrong
  • Figure out how to reference/get the official solution pdf
  • Fix relative coordinates
  • Handle invalid input in a good way. (Currently just an error in the console)
  • Add correct scaling
  • rename solution_file to solutionFile
  • Add different pdf source support
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