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Update all non-major dependencies (patch)

sys-0403-p-rundeck requested to merge renovate-patch-all-minor-patch into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@mantine/colors-generator (source) dependencies patch 7.7.0 -> 7.7.1
@mantine/core (source) dependencies patch 7.7.0 -> 7.7.1
@mantine/hooks (source) dependencies patch 7.7.0 -> 7.7.1
@types/react (source) resolutions patch 18.2.42 -> 18.2.74
@types/react (source) devDependencies patch 18.2.42 -> 18.2.74
@types/react-dom (source) resolutions patch 18.2.17 -> 18.2.24
@types/react-dom (source) devDependencies patch 18.2.19 -> 18.2.24
katex (source) dependencies patch 0.16.9 -> 0.16.10
vite (source) dependencies patch 5.1.1 -> 5.1.7
vite-tsconfig-paths devDependencies patch 4.3.1 -> 4.3.2

Release Notes

mantinedev/mantine (@​mantine/colors-generator)


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What's Changed

  • [@mantine/tiptap] Improve toolbar items alignment for non-native elements (#​5993)
  • [@mantine/spotlight] Fix incorrect down key handling when the spotlight is opened repeatedly (#​5995)
  • [@mantine/core] Image: Fix ref not being assigned for fallback images (#​5989)
  • [@mantine/core] PinInput: Fix incorrect focus logic (#​5963)
  • [@mantine/core] Table: Fix highlightOnHoverColor prop not working
  • [@mantine/core] AppShell: Adjust footer position to include env(safe-area-inset-bottom) (#​5502)
  • [@mantine/core] PinInput: Fix placeholder not being visible on the element that had focus when the component becomes disabled (#​5831)
  • [@mantine/dates] Calendar: Fix double timezone shift (#​5916)
  • [@mantine/hooks] use-local-storage: Fix value not being updated when key is changed (#​5910)
  • [@mantine/charts] Fix incorrect charts legends height for multiline values (#​5923)
  • [@mantine/core] NumberInput: Fix incorrect increment/decrement functions logic when step is a float value (#​5926)
  • [@mantine/core] Combobox: Fix incorrect IME input handling (#​5935)
  • [@mantine/core] Menu: Fix unexpected focus styles in the dropdown element in Firefox (#​5957)
  • [@mantine/core] Fix incorrect disabled prop handling in TagsInput and MultiSelect (#​5959)
  • [@mantine/core] Fix renderOption not working for grouped items in Combobox-based components (#​5952)
  • [@mantine/core] AppShell: Fix error when used inside Suspense (#​5979)
  • [@mantine/core] Update CSS selectors hashing algorithm to prevent collisions with other libraries (#​5968)
  • [@mantine/carousel] Fix specificity issues of some selectors (#​5973)
  • [@mantine/core] AppShell: Fix missing Aside offset in Header and Footer for layout=alt (#​5974)

New Contributors

Full Changelog:

KaTeX/KaTeX (katex)


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Bug Fixes
vitejs/vite (vite)


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aleclarson/vite-tsconfig-paths (vite-tsconfig-paths)


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