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Update all non-major dependencies (minor)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@types/node (source) dependencies minor 14.17.34 -> 14.18.63
react-router-dom (source) dependencies minor 5.2.1 -> 5.3.4
typescript (source) dependencies minor 5.2.2 -> 5.3.2

Release Notes

remix-run/react-router (react-router-dom)


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We removed the mini-create-react-context dependency, moving it into an internal module to eliminate peer dependency warnings for users on React 18 (#​9382).

Full Changelog:


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This release fixes a bad version selector in react-router-native.


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This release adds missing LICENSE files to the published build.


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This release of react-router-dom adds support for passing a function to either the className or style props to conditionally apply values based on the link's active state.

This provides similar functionality as the existing activeClassName and activeStyle props, but is a bit more powerful. For example, you can now easily apply styles exclusively to an inactive NavLink as well. This offers a nicer experience for folks who use utility class-based CSS tools such as Tailwind.

function Comp() {
  return (
      className={isActive =>
        `px-3 py-2 ${isActive ? 'text-gray-200' : 'text-gray-800'}`

Note that as of v6.0.0-beta.3, the activeClassName and activeStyle props are removed completely. Adding support for functional className and style props to both v5 and v6 will give v5 users an easier upgrade path.

Thanks to @​tim-phillips for raising the issue that inspired the change! 🥳

Microsoft/TypeScript (typescript)

v5.3.2: TypeScript 5.3

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For release notes, check out the release announcement.

For the complete list of fixed issues, check out the

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