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Draft: Use keycloak mock

Lukas Möller requested to merge add-keycloak-mock into master

(currently requires a local docker build) of the rewrite branch of the mock

The idea is to start a local keycloak server so that testing auth locally is easier. This branch uses an image that is built from the rewrite branch of the keycloak-mock repository localted at

After building the image as described in the READDME this project should start normally using docker-compose up. At subsequent starts the keycloak mock container fails on startup. In addition to that (after fixing that issue) there are still several problems:

  • A client_role mapper isn't defined i.e. the client role mapper doesn't have a client id set.
  • No existing user is an ETH student i.e. they don't have the home_organization attribute set.

Both of these can be manually fixed in the keycloak admin interface which can be accessed using the credentials admin:admin.

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