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Add GPL v3 License

Lukas Möller requested to merge gpl-v3 into master

We want to license community-solutions to ensure that there are no legal complications in the future. This makes sure that other FVs are fully legally allowed to continue to use community-solutions, and also opens up the possibility of using it outside of ETH (e.g. at UZH or EPFL), should the demand exist eventually.

Steps to do:

  • Get approval from the Vorstand of VIS
  • Make sure the legal situation is clarified
  • Get approval from all contributors that made copyrightable contributions (these are all the ones that have 50+ lines in the master branch, might need to expand the list)
    • Lukas Möller
    • Benjamin Schmid
    • Philippe Voinov
    • Michael Keller (contacted via Slack)
    • Samuel Müller (contacted via mail)
    • Jacques Hoffmann (contacted via Discord)
    • Mark Csurgay (contacted via Discord)
    • David Bimmler (contacted via mail)
    • Jonas Konrath (contacted via Discord)
    • Thomas Gassmann (@tgassmann)
    • Julian Steinmann
  • Merge!
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