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# Project wipe_buddy
Whipe thinkpad laptops with ease.
Wipe thinkpad laptops with ease.
## Features
- [x] Detect all physical disks
- [x] Wipe all disks in parallel
- [x] Adjust backlight brightness to max
- [x] Allow direct shutdown from application
- [ ] Protect physical disk mounted via cryptsetup or lvm
- [ ] Queue shutdown until all selected disks are wiped
- [ ] Rescan disks without application restart
- [ ] Detect hotplugged disks
- [ ] Show progressbar
## System requirements
I developed this tool with [Arch Linux]( as such it relies upon that platfrom.
It works on the latest stable rust, currently 1.17.0.
## Setup instructions
To use this project I recommend installing a minimal Arch Linux on a usb stick (4GB or more).
Compile wipe_buddy with `cargo build --release`.
The resulting binary should be placed inside the home directory of root or the sticks `/usr/bin/`.
The stick does not need to connect to the network or run a graphical user interface.
### TODO autostart wipe_buddy
# Author
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