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Merging main working branch from the Master's project into the main branch.

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Updates to AnalogToDigital

There are only slight modifications to the AnalogToDigital library, the only API changes are added optional arguments, so any old code will run fine.

Added a progress counter to AnalogToDigital/

Experiment code - Used for all Multi-Path ADC experiments

This script is run from the command line with parameters such as the system order, number of parallel branches, input (sinusoidal) signal frequency, etc.

The output is


   - experiment_id.params - Experiment parameters for easy human reading

   - experiment_id.params.pkl - Experiment parameters for easy parsing into the analysis script

   - experiment_id.log - Experiment log

   - experiment_id_results.pkl - Pickled ExperimentRunner object, contains all input estimates that is passed to the analysis script. - Jitter experiments

This script runs the experiments for estimating and correcting jitter. All parameters are edited inside the script. - Computes all the required power spectral densities, ENOB and SNR values.

The script is run with the parameter --experiment_id. It looks for experiment_id_results.pkl files in DATA_DIR/experiment_id, where DATA_DIR is specified in the header of the script.

The results are then stored in DATA_DIR/experiment_id/experiment_id.


Helper scripts for uploading data to an AWS S3 storage.

This is not used in the current implementation of or Mostly kept for future reference.

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