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beerlog: add product MATE

Nic Cantieni requested to merge nic-add-mate into master

We want to start giving out Mate to members. This MR does the following:

  • Add the product to the documentation
  • Add database migration. This will update the enums on upgrade and downgrade. On downgrade, it will also drop all consumptions of Mate (as otherwise the enums would not be matched anymore), as well as the apikey_permission MATE. Please take a look at that, @lutzsa. Is of course dangerous to have the drop in here (do not execute in prod, hehe).
  • Update the check-algorithm for AMIV-users: we do not yet want to give out free mate (no budget for it), but VIS wants to start, and so we need to support it and be able to record the sales (such that we can bill them).

Happy reviewing!

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