Commit dc7e146d authored by Hermann's avatar Hermann
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update editJob to new ui form

parent 804d3bd8
import m from 'mithril';
import { FileInput } from 'amiv-web-ui-components';
import { loadingScreen } from '../layout';
import EditView from '../views/editView';
......@@ -25,34 +26,26 @@ export default class newJob extends EditView {
view() {
if (!this.form.schema) return m(loadingScreen);
return this.layout([
m('h3', 'Add a New Job Offer'),
...this.form.renderPage({ company: { type: 'text', label: 'Company' } }),
m(FileInput, this.form.bind({
name: 'logo',
label: 'Company Logo',
accept: 'image/png, image/jpeg',
time_end: {
type: 'datetime',
label: 'End of Advertisement',
required: true,
title_en: { type: 'text', label: 'English Title' },
description_en: {
type: 'text',
label: 'English Text',
multiLine: true,
rows: 5,
title_de: { type: 'text', label: 'German Title' },
description_de: {
type: 'text',
label: 'German Text',
multiLine: true,
rows: 5,
...this.form.renderSchema(['time_end', 'title_en']),
this.form._renderField('description_en', {
multiLine: true,
rows: 5,,
this.form._renderField('description_de', {
multiLine: true,
rows: 5,,
m(FileInput, this.form.bind({
name: 'pdf',
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