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Verified Commit dbe6567f authored by Sandro Lutz's avatar Sandro Lutz
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Fix CSV export when there are no additional fields

parent ec842a8f
......@@ -99,14 +99,14 @@ class ParticipantsTable {,
...Object.keys(this.add_fields_schema).map(key =>
...Object.keys(this.add_fields_schema || {}).map(key =>
(additionalFields && additionalFields[key] ? additionalFields[key] : '')),
const header = [
'Position', 'Date', 'Firstname', 'Lastname', 'Membership', 'Email', 'Accepted', 'Confirmed',
...Object.keys(this.add_fields_schema).map(key => this.add_fields_schema[key].title),
...Object.keys(this.add_fields_schema || {}).map(key => this.add_fields_schema[key].title),
const filename = `${filePrefix}_participants_export.csv`;
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