Verified Commit 8cb718eb authored by Hermann's avatar Hermann Committed by Sandro Lutz
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update to new ui-components

parent c562805d
import m from 'mithril';
import { fileInput } from 'amiv-web-ui-components';
import { FileInput } from 'amiv-web-ui-components';
import { RadioGroup, Button, List, ListTile } from 'polythene-mithril';
import EditView from '../views/editView';
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ export default class editDoc extends EditView {
m(List, {
tiles: => m(ListTile, {
content: [
m(fileInput, this.form.bind({
m(FileInput, this.form.bind({
name: 'new_file',
label: `${}`,
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