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Commit 3f81f53b authored by Hermann's avatar Hermann
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edit phone and newsletter subscription of users

parent ad8eebca
......@@ -10,14 +10,14 @@ export default class UserEdit extends EditView {
view() {
return this.layout([
...this.form.renderSchema(['lastname', 'firstname', 'email', 'nethz', 'legi']),
...this.form.renderSchema(['lastname', 'firstname', 'email', 'phone', 'nethz', 'legi']),
m(TextInput, this.form.bind({
type: 'password',
name: 'password',
label: 'New password',
floatingLabel: true,
...this.form.renderSchema(['rfid', 'membership', 'gender', 'department']),
...this.form.renderSchema(['rfid', 'send_newsletter', 'membership', 'gender', 'department']),
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ export default class EditView extends ItemView {
const validInitially = this.controller.modus === 'edit';
// start a form to collect the submit data
this.form = new Form({}, validInitially, 4, Object.assign({},;
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