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......@@ -32,7 +32,37 @@ gyrosensor needs to initialize.
network and the teacher's GUI has to be started before. Please wait until
your teacher has already set up everything.*
* Once started, you will see something like this:
* Once started, you will see something like this: <br>
<img src="./pics/student_gui.png" style="width: 800px;"/> <br><br>
* Connect to/Disconnect from Crazyflie: physically connects/disconnects our computer to
the assigned crazyflie using the Crazyradio dongle.<br><br>
* Crazyradio status: can take the values "Connected!", "Disconnected" or
"Connecting..." <br><br>
* Below the disconnect button we see two lines of text. The first one
contains information about our StudentID number, and the Crazyflie we are
linked to. This is the Crazyflie we must connect to. <br><br>
Below that, we can also see the Raw voltage line, which contains the instantaneous voltage of the
battery of the Crazyflie, in Volts.<br><br>
* In the right part, there are 3 buttons to control the flying state of our
Crazyflie, and a text label containing the current flying state. **It is
important to know that we can only take off when we are in the state "Motors
OFF", and we can only land if we are NOT in the state "Motors OFF"**<br><br>
* In the middle-bottom part of the GUI there are two tabs: Safe and Custom
controller. <br><br>
In the left part of these tabs, there is information about the
current position of the Crazyflie, and also the difference between the current
position and the current setpoint, useful for keeping track of the error of
our controller.<br><br>
In the right part of the tabs, there is information about the current
setpoint, and boxes to edit the new setpoint. When we press the button "Set
setpoint", we change the current setpoint with the information filled.<br><br>
* The button called "Enable <controller> Controller" enables the selected
controller. The current enabled controller is the one which is highlighted in
green in the tab name.<br><br>
* The button "Load <filename> YAML file" loads and refreshes the parameters
that are in the corresponding YAML file.<br><br>
<!-- insert image of student GUI with numbers in the buttons, so we can
explain every button -->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE QtCreatorProject>
<!-- Written by QtCreator 3.5.1, 2017-10-09T12:05:56. -->
<!-- Written by QtCreator 3.5.1, 2017-10-09T15:14:52. -->
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