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Commit 63aa325f authored by Tobias's avatar Tobias
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.csv debugging files are created, sign back to normal for bodyrates

parent 1c828e31
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......@@ -664,8 +664,8 @@ void centralized_control_command( Controller::Request &request, Controller::Resp
desired_eulerrates_to_bodyrates( request , outRoll , outPitch, bodyrates);
response.controlOutput.roll = -bodyrates[0];
response.controlOutput.pitch = -bodyrates[1];
response.controlOutput.roll = bodyrates[0];
response.controlOutput.pitch = bodyrates[1];
response.controlOutput.yaw = outYaw;
response.controlOutput.motorCmd1 = computeMotorPolyBackward(thrustSum/4 + gravity_force_copterloadsystem);
response.controlOutput.motorCmd2 = computeMotorPolyBackward(thrustSum/4 + gravity_force_copterloadsystem);
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