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......@@ -208,6 +208,34 @@ to it*
the GUI. This way, you can try and see the effect of changing some parameters
on the fly.
#### Steps to plot debug variables from Custom Controller in a graph
1. Choose the variables that we want to see in a plot from the file
`CustomControllerService.cpp`. Inside the function `calculateControlOutput`,
a part where we fill a DebugMsg with data has been written (lines 133-145 in
previous figure). Vicon data has already been filled in (vicon\_x,
vicon\_y,...). Additionally, there are up to 10 general purpose variables
that can be filled with any data we may be interested in plotting (value\_1,
value\_2,...., value\_10). <br><br>
2. Once chosen the variables, save the file and go to `cd ~/work/D-FaLL-System/pps_ws` and write `catkin_make`.<br><br>
3. Open another terminal and type `rqt`. Then, in the top bar, go to
Plugins->Visualization->Plot. A new plot will be added to the screen. If you
want more than one plot, just add several ones doing the same thing. You will
be seeing something like this:<br><br>
<img src="./pics/rqt_window_subplots.png" style="width: 400px;"/> <br><br>
4. In each subplot, to add data to plot, write the name of the topic you want to
plot in the field "Topic", e.g., if we want to plot the Z position of our
crazyflie, we would have to write here
`/<student_id>/CustomControllerService/DebugTopic/vicon_z`. You can see an
autocompletion of the
list of all the topics available when you start typing in the field "Topic". <br><br>
3. Start the Student node following the steps mentioned before (`roslaunch
d_fall_pps Student.launch`) and enable the Custom Controller.<br><br>
4. Once we are using the Custom Controller, we will be seeing how the data
selected gets plotted in the rqt plots.
<!-- --- -->
......@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ bool calculateControlOutput(Controller::Request &request, Controller::Response &
// ROS_INFO_STREAM("Delta t: " << request.ownCrazyflie.acquiringTime);
// ************ Fill the debugging message with information to be displayed in rqt_plot ****************
// ************ Fill the debugging message with information to be displayed in rqt plots ****************
DebugMsg debugMsg;
debugMsg.vicon_x = request.ownCrazyflie.x;
debugMsg.vicon_y = request.ownCrazyflie.y;
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