Commit 1441cc60 authored by roangel's avatar roangel
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Fixed the DemoController follow mode to work with new node naming conventions

parent 8be0a5d5
......@@ -1653,10 +1653,14 @@ void processFetchedParameters()
// The agent ID to follow is the previous entry
agentID_to_follow = follow_in_a_line_agentIDs[i-1];
shouldFollowAnotherAgent = true;
// Subscribe to the "my_current_xyz_yaw_topic" of the agent ID
// Convert the agent ID to a zero padded string
std::ostringstream str_stream;
str_stream << std::setw(3) << std::setfill('0') << agentID_to_follow;
std::string agentID_to_follow_as_string(str_stream.str());
// Subscribe to the "my_current_xyz_yaw_topic" of the agent ID
// that this agent should be following
ros::NodeHandle nodeHandle("~");
xyz_yaw_to_follow_subscriber = nodeHandle.subscribe("/" + std::to_string(agentID_to_follow) + "/my_current_xyz_yaw_topic", 1, xyz_yaw_to_follow_callback);
xyz_yaw_to_follow_subscriber = nodeHandle.subscribe("/dfall/agent" + agentID_to_follow_as_string + "/DemoControllerService/my_current_xyz_yaw_topic", 1, xyz_yaw_to_follow_callback);
//ROS_INFO_STREAM("DEBUGGING: subscribed to agent ID = " << agentID_to_follow );
// Break out of the for loop as the assumption is that each agent ID
......@@ -1905,7 +1909,7 @@ int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
// that advertises under the name "<my_agentID>/my_current_xyz_yaw_topic" where <my_agentID>
// is filled in with the student ID number of this computer. The messages published will
// have the structure defined in the file "Setpoint.msg" (located in the "msg" folder).
my_current_xyz_yaw_publisher = nodeHandle.advertise<Setpoint>("/" + std::to_string(my_agentID) + "/my_current_xyz_yaw_topic", 1);
my_current_xyz_yaw_publisher = nodeHandle.advertise<Setpoint>("my_current_xyz_yaw_topic", 1);
// Instantiate the local variable "customCommandSubscriber" to be a "ros::Subscriber"
// type variable that subscribes to the "StudentCustomButton" topic and calls the class
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