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= Usage Guide
Leonardo Galli <>
v0.1, 2020-03-11
== How it Works
This repository does not only provide you access to one Virtual Machine, but to several of them.
The key differences being, the underlying version of the linux distribution.
The reason for this is, that - for CTFs - we often need to work with different libc - the standard library - versions.
Since libc is so deeply ingrained into any and all programms on a linux system, the easiest way to switch between them is just running different versions of the linux distribution.
To achieve this, we use vagrant to define multiple virtual machines that share all the same config, except for the base os image.
Whenever you run a vagrant command, you can specify the name of the virtual machine as the first argument, to run the command on a specific one.
For now, the names correspond to the libc version that the virtual machines have installed.
Currently we have the following different virtual machines:
.Virtual Machines
| `name` (also libc version, use in vagrant command) | `display_name` (will show in VirtualBox) | base os | `ip address`
| ctf-ubuntu-23
| ubuntu xenial (16.04)
|27 | ctf-ubuntu-27 | ubuntu bionic (18.04) |
|28 | ctf-debian-28 | debian buster |
| ctf-ubuntu-29
| ubuntu eoan
Each Virtual Machine also has a specific ip address (based on their libc version), making it easier to access.
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