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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ We use this facility to define our own ParserFunctions to offer annotations:
Annotations come in different flavors:
- `{{#annot: comment}}` basic annotation with just a comment
- `{{#annot: comment | category}}` categorized annotation
- `{{#annot: comment | category}}` categorized annotation (see annotaion categories below)
- `{{#annot: comment | cat_parent/cat_child}}` annotation with a specific category identified by a `cat_parent/cat_child` pair
- `{{#annot: comment | category1, category2}}` annotation with more than one category
- `{{#annot: comment | category | some_id}}` an id is used to identify the proper end of the annotation when nesting. Annotation end must contain the same id: `{{#annotend: some_id}}`
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