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......@@ -107,19 +107,28 @@ while annotation (b) will contain this part of the WikiText:
The output will be a sortable Wikitable which contains comment, category and
the extracted text.
# query annotations
# query annotations
**Example**: find all annotations
- with category `kat_parent1/kat_child1`
- but not `kat_parent2/kat_child2`
- comment contains either «comment1» or «comment2»
- wiki_text contains the word «bla»
Example: find all pages with category kat_parent1:kat_child1 but not !kat_parent2:kat_child2 which contain either comment1 OR comment2 and where wiki_text contains the word «bla»:
category=[kat_parent1/kat_child1, !kat_parent2/kat_child2],
comment={comment1, comment2},
[comment:comment1, comment2],
```Page (link to page), comment, category, wiki_text```
The result should be a sortable table containing the following data:
```link to page and section | comment | category | wiki_text```
**Problem**: how to provide a deep link, not just to the page but to the right paragraph which was annotated.
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