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## Annotation
Text annotations must be distinguished from
[semantic annotations](
Semantic Annotations put an certain information into a context, for example, a number can represent a height, population, age etc.
Semantic Media Wiki enables you to add this kind of information to a text and offers you the possibility to list all pages
of cities in Europe with a population greater than one Million, for example. It also allows you to directly extract the relevant information
(Name of the City, Country, Population, coordinates) from the Wiki Pages that are found.
YATA does something similar. It annotates certain sections of a text and puts them in a context. But annotations can overlap or be nested
(this is not possible with Semantic Annotations). You can add an arbitary comment as well as categorize your annotation. When you query your
annotations, your result does not only are take to the right page but also to the exact position of the annotation.
### Annotation Syntax
Annotations always have a start and an end. They must be distinguished from [semantic annotations](
Annotations always have a start and an end.
{{#annot:}} # opening tag, which marks the start of an annotation
{{#annotend:}} # closing tag, which marks the end of an annotation
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