This version is a minor update to the 2.0.10 release providing additional bugfixes and support for more QGIS versions.

Version 2.0.10 was released as a hotfix for QGIS 3.22+ and was only available on the Gitlab repository due to its lack of backwards-compatibility with older QGIS versions. BASEmesh v2.0.11 extends these fixes and restores compatibility with older QGIS versions.

Targeted QGIS Versions

This release supports QGIS versions 3.10 LTR up to 3.26 (the latest stable release as of this writing).

The processing toolbox, elevation and quality meshing, and interpolation features were all tested in the following versions:

QGIS Version Codename Tested on
3.10 LTR A Coruña 3.10.14
3.16 LTR Hannover 3.16.16
3.22 LTR Białowieża 3.22.9
3.24 Tisler 3.24.1
3.26 Buenos Aires 3.26.1

Known Issues

We are not aware of any issues with the above or other in-between versions. If you do encounter any, please report them through the BASEMENT User Forum.

Feature Requests

  • Removed the lower bound for the global maximum area constraint when generating quality meshes. This allows users to generate meshes of lab models at 1:1 scale.

Compatibility Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that would break compatibility with QGIS 3.10 LTR if conflicting versions of third-party packages are installed.

  • The '2DM:"..."' MDAL driver prefixes added in QGIS 3.22 no longer trigger FileNotFound errors when loading a mesh file through the QGIS processing toolbox.


  • Fixed an issue that could reduce coordinate precision in generated mesh files for some coordinate systems. As a side effect, mesh coordinates are no longer aligned in columns in the generated 2DM text file. This is fully within the 2DM specification and should have no effect on mesh compatibility with other software.

  • Raster layers with unnamed raster bands will now be displayed as Band #<i> in the interpolation dialog. This resolves unnamed layers not being displayed in the "basic" mode of the interpolation dialog.

  • Fixed a compatiblity issue in QGIS 3.22+ that could prevent mesh layers from being added to the interpolation dialog layers list.


This release is once again available in the BASEmesh plugin repository. Alternatively, you can download the archive below and install it manually using the "Install from ZIP" option in the Plugin Manager: