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add meshtool example with matid definition

parent ba4eb47d
# type: ignore
# pylint: disable=invalid-name
import math
from basemesh.meshtool import RegionMarker
from basemesh.meshtool.factories import RectangularMeshFactory
# Instantiate the factory. The helper used also defines the mesh domain
factory = RectangularMeshFactory(width=100.0, height=10.0, midpoint_offset=(50,5))
# Define the elevation function to use
def slope(point):
x, y = point
slope = 0.1
return -slope * x
#Set the matID
# Add region markers
factory.regions = [
RegionMarker(1.0, 1.0, max_area=2.0, attribute=1)
# Generate the mesh
mesh, _ =
# Export the mesh'tilted_pool.2dm')
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