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$\to$ There is a \textbf{sleep queue}, a \textbf{ready queue} and a \textbf{wait queue}
\subsection{Preemptive Multitasking (4-47)} \oldline
\subsection{Preemptive Multitasking (4-47)}
\item Most powerful form of multitasking
\item OS controls when context switches
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ Optimize latency, hardware cost, power and energy
The set of all Pareto-optimal solutions is the \textcolor{red}{Pareto-optimal front}.
\subsection{Classification of Scheduling Algorithms (10-32)} \oldline
\subsection{Classification of Scheduling Algorithms (10-32)}
\item \textcolor{red}{Unlimited} vs. \textcolor{red}{limited} resources
\item \textcolor{red}{Iterative} (initial solution to architecture synthesis stepwise improved) vs. \textcolor{red}{constructive} (synthesis problem solved in one step) vs. \textcolor{red}{Transformative} (initial problem converted into classical optimization problem)
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\subsection{General-purpose processors (8-9)} \oldline
\subsection{General-purpose processors (8-9)}
\item High performance: Highly optimized, use of parallelism, complex memory hierarchy
\item Not suited for real-time applications: Execution times unpredictable because of intensive resource sharing and dynamic decisions
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% Define the custom section headings.
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