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......@@ -97,14 +97,14 @@ It is is optimal in sense of feasibility (it minimizes the maximum lateness unde
worst case finishing time of task i: $f_i = t + \sum_{k=1}^i c_k(t)$ \\
EDF guarantee condition: $\forall i = 1,\dots ,n \quad t + \sum_{k=1}^i c_k(t)\leq d_i$
Algorithm: EDF_guarantee (J, J_new)
Algorithm: EDF_guarantee (set of jobs $J$, job $j_{new}$)
J` = J and {J_new}; /*ordered by deadline*/
t = current_time();
f_0 = t;
for (each J_i in J`) {
f_i = f_(i-1) + c_i(t);
if (f_i >d_i) return(UNFEASIBLE);
$J'$ = $J \cup \{j_{new}\}$; /*ordered by deadline*/
$t$ = current_time();
$f_0$ = $t$;
for (each $j_i$ in $J'$) {
$f_i = f_{i-1} + c_i(t)$;
if ($f_i >d_i$) return(UNFEASIBLE);
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