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added description for Tony Linden's wrapper variants (which work with tcsh)

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......@@ -38,4 +38,25 @@
<cmd1 "exec bash '' %1 %2">
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# EDIT 20.02.2019 (Nils) --- INSTRUCTIONS FOR OLEX2 ON MAC OSX (tcsh as shell):
# Tony sent me two script variations to use with tcsh instead of bash
# (as installed on the classroom PCs). I uploaded the variants he describes as
# and (don't forget to ajust avove
# macro accordingly). Here's his description:
# "I was able to change the default shell on the classroom computers to tcsh.
# However it did not help directly, as it seems when the script is run on those
# computers, the Terminal window has not learnt the path to where zsgh is stored
# (learnt form .cshrc), so can cd OK, but does not know zsgh. I store the X-ray
# programs in ~/Applications/bin. I cannot access /usr/local/bin on those
# computers, which is on the default path, because that folder seems not to be
# owned by the user. Probably a legacy from the way the room was set up and I
# don't want to have to sort that out.
# I found two ways to overcome this. One is to put an extra line in your script
# to start a new tcsh shell (I worked out how to avoid a second window opening)
# and by doing this my path definitions now get read from .cshrc.
# The other way is to explicitly define the path on a line in your script. The
# attached <scripts> show both possibilities. Probably the first is simpler as
# a generic solution, even if the opening of a new shell is not needed for most
# people."
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