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Commit 1a641e5b authored by Stefan Schindler's avatar Stefan Schindler
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Detect all scsi disks

parent 863869ba
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ fn parse_disks() -> Vec<Arc<DiskInformation>> {
let (_major, minor, no_blocks, name) = (,,,;
if let Some(name) = name {
if (minor == Some("0") || minor == Some("16"))
if minor.map_or(false, |input| input.parse::<u64>().map(|n| n % 16 == 0).unwrap_or(false))
(name.starts_with("sd") || name.starts_with("nvme") || name.starts_with("xvd") || name.starts_with("mmcblk")) {
/// Contains the major and minor numbers of each partition as well as the number of 1024-byte blocks and the partition name.
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