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The weather is getting better, Corona is getting (somewhat) weaker; it is time for a Stammtisch!
We meet in a casual atmosphere, drink a (non-alcoholic?) beer and have a chat about technical/educational/societal trends... Come join us!
We can also help with some Linux problem, just bring your laptop!
Use the contact form, or write directly to info (at), so we can include you in the invitation.
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Some of our <a href="" target="_blank">REPLICATE</a> events need sufficient registrations before they are officially announced.
Register for and promote your favorite events at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> to help make them happen!
Do you like our talks? Care to support Open Source & Free Software? Or simply want to have some interesting discussions with students of all fields of study?
Come joins us at our next "Stammtisch"! Use the contact formular below to lets us know you are interested.
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<p class="motivation">
We are both graduates and undergraduates from different fields of study.
Together we provide courses and other educational material around Open Source and Free Software.
This lowers the entry barrier for others, and improves our own understanding.
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