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Find out how easy to use and yet powerful Linux systems are, discover their advantages when compared to other operating systems, and get to understand their basic structure and most important concepts.
Furthermore, discover different flavours of Linux and get a feeling for which distribution and desktop environment would be the right match for you.
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ChromeBooks (all versions), Apple MacBook Pros (after Oct. 2016) and Apple MacBooks (12" model) are not well supported by Linux due to hardware restrictions, and we do not recommend installing Linux on those devices.
If you intend to buy a new laptop to install Linux on, stay away from these devices altogether.
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Learn how you can use Bash to program simple scripts that can save you a lot of work. Bash is a scripting language that is designed to interact with other programs and your system easily. Whether you want to backup your newest files to a hard drive or quickly download a lot of PDFs—with Bash, you can do it at a keystroke.
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Our goal in the Linux Toolbox course is to introduce a large range of tools and to teach you how you can profit from them. We'll show you typical tasks that Linux is good at, such as renaming hundreds of files, searching and replacing text, automatic downloading etc.. This way, you'll be able to recognize those tasks in the wild and don't have to do them by hand.
Linux has many useful tools, so we don't intend to cover them all in detail. We'll instead take a sweeping glance to cover as many use cases as possible and provide you with learning resources if you want to delve deeper into a topic. Most of the course will take place on the command line, but no prerequisite knowledge is required.
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endTime: '19:00'
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What are your facial expression when you sit on the toilet? Where did you skin itch you went to the doctor with? How cringy was the start and end of your last romantic encounter?
Privacy is a human right. If violated, you are more suspectible to manipulation, self-censoring and will stand out for anything that is "different" about you. We will properly motivate privacy, show examples of where Ad-Tech and worse wrecked havoc, read you your rights, and help you avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily.
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