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......@@ -427,20 +427,17 @@ class: center, middle
class: inverted
# CSS basics
body {
color: white;
background: black;
color: blue;
choose a **selector** (like `body`)
for **properties** (like `color`)
override the default **value** (like `white`)
override the default **value** (like `blue`)
......@@ -631,7 +628,7 @@ Use a CSS framework:
Getting it right is *extremly* hard!
Getting it right is *extremely* hard!
Advice: Learn a framework property. Avoid writing CSS.
......@@ -983,40 +980,104 @@ $events = json_decode($eventsJson);
# Send E-Mail from contact from submission (1/2)
# Contact form submission
Process user-input server-side:
We require:
- get user input (like using a form)
- send it to the server (HTTP GET / POST / PUT / ...)
- process it on the server (query global php variables)
Get user input with HTML forms:
<form method="post">
<input name="name" type="text"></input>
<textarea name="message">
<input name="submit" type="submit"></input>
if (isset($_POST["name"]) && isset($_POST["message"])) {
$body = $_POST["name"]." has message ".$_POST["message"];
mail("", "Contact request", $body);
# Outlook
# Develop PHP snippets
Beginning is simple, mastery is hard.
Advanced topics coming right up!
- Subtle bugs as PHP very permissive
- Many security challenges (especially with user-input)
- Many beginners = much wrong information
- Use `var_dump` function to debug variables
- for the documentation
- for news about php
class: center, middle
# Content Management System (CMS)
# Advanced topics
After installation, non-technical users can modify content.
Easy to setup marketing webpage, blog, small online shops, ...
- [Wordpress]( as most used, very good usability
- [Joomla]( as another much used alternative
- [Drupal]( for more complex applications
Popular Webpage-As-A-Service:
- [Wix](
- [Squarespace](
# Advanced topics
# Frameworks
PHP is good for beginners, but scaling is difficult.
Use one of the well-designed, stable frameworks.
Recommended Frameworks:
- [Symfony]( as the most used framework
- [Laravel]( uses symfony concepts, more "hip"
- [Slim]( as a minimal framework
- [ApiPlatform]( which speeds up API development
Mastery of Frameworks takes *years*,
but reduces development / maintenance by *order of magnitudes*.
# Next steps
- **HTML** for (structured) content.
- **CSS** for the design.
- **JavaScript** to add client functionality.
- **PHP** to generate content on the server.
For developers:
- Choose focus (Frontend? Backend? Marketing? Engineering?)
- Learn! Useful: [Roadmap](
- Ask questions on [stackoverflow]( once you can [ask good questions](
- High investment = high reward
For researcher webpages:
- Connect to the provided ETH server
- Write HTML / CSS; add PHP / JavaScript only when necessary
- Use CSS frameworks if you want to have it look good
- html semantic checker
- other css frameworks
- sqlite database
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