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# Crashcourse personal/course Website
This is a crash course into web development. Do you want to create your own personal (research?) webpage, customize a theme, or event want to become a web developer? This will help you to get started.
# Linux Toolbox
We will introduce HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and add some design / user experience on the way. You need no prior knowledge, and need not to be a programmer. After the course, you can get started with your simple research webpage, or embark on the journey to become a web developer.
Linux is well-known for being configurable and fitting many different styles of use. But what can you do with it?
Our goal in the Linux Toolbox course is to introduce a large range of tools and to teach you how you can profit from them. We'll show you typical tasks that Linux is good at, such as renaming hundreds of files, searching and replacing text, automatic downloading etc.. This way, you'll be able to recognize those tasks in the wild and don't have to do them by hand.
## Inhalt
This course will give you a basic understanding of everything you need to create websites.
- HTML: Structure your content.
- CSS: Design.
- JavaScript: Functionality in the browser.
- PHP: Generate content on the server.
For each chapter, we will see easy applications for personal webpage concepts. Further, we will quickly discuss resources & technologies for aspiring developers.
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Linux has many useful tools, so we don't intend to cover them all in detail. We'll instead take a sweeping glance to cover as many use cases as possible and provide you with learning resources if you want to delve deeper into a topic. Most of the course will take place on the command line, but no prerequisite knowledge is required.
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