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# LaTeX traces
# Bibtex traces
# PythonTeX traces and binaries
# Gedit
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} %pipes don't display properly without this
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % the pipe character doesn't display properly without this
\usepackage{minted} % COMPILE WITH `pdflatex -shell-escape`!
\usepackage{siunitx} %pretty measurement unit rendering
\usepackage{hyperref} %enable hyperlink for urls
\usepackage{siunitx} % pretty measurement unit rendering
\usepackage{hyperref} % enable hyperlink for URLs
\usepackage[os=win]{menukeys} % by default keys are given for MacOS
......@@ -26,9 +28,9 @@
%Define generic colors
%Define data colors
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git /gitlab tutorial planned for UZH zentrale informatik
target group:
bachelor informatik
master/phd students
both mostly want to use git with code or latex
version control (backup, recover old state, make changes visible)
publish (how, which license)
contribute (work together on same project)
presentation and then practical examples for each topic
for each topic add link/resource to more advanced explanations
motivation 10'/5':
demonstrate how git can recover files and make visible who changed what
explain service provider benefits (backup, collaboration)
ask what interest of participants are to focus advanced topics
git intro 5'/15':
install git
create first local repository
do first commit
show it worked with git status / git log
remote intro 10'/30':
create repository online
do steps of git global config on welcome screen
do steps of create new repository on welcome screen
edit Readme to learn about markdown
do add license on gitlab webpage
git GUI client 5'/15':
install github desktop
open repo & do commit
sync with push/pull
view changes of previous commits
advanced topics sorted by preference (each around 20'):
create branch & merge request
create issue & mention it in commit
fork & merge back into origin
add different remotes
use SSH key
resources considered:
compicampus course gives a good overview, but not suitable structured has many advanced resources
git boot on has many advanced resources
cheatsheet github
"git for ages 4 and up" (well made youtube tutorial)
personal experience
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