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......@@ -153,93 +149,132 @@ Date: Sun Jan 12 12:20:28 2020 +0100
# Agenda
# Login to gitlab
1. Introduction
2. Deep-dive
3. ...
create an account if you have none
[NOTE]: This file is portable; you don't need any other file, or an internet connection for this presentation.
# Introduction
# Create a gitlab project (1/2)
<img src="images/gitlab_create_new_project.jpg" width="100%">
# login to gitlab
# Create a gitlab project (2/2)
- create an account if you have none
<img src="images/gitlab_create_new_project_2.jpg" width="100%">
# create a gitlab project
# Finish setup gitlab
create a password in the settings
add an SSH key (optional)
<img src="images/gitlab_project_created.jpg" width="100%">
# finish setup gitlab
# Finish local setup
<img src="images/gitlab_local_setup_account.jpg" width="100%">
<img src="images/gitlab_local_setup_repository.jpg" width="100%">
- create a password in the settings
- use an SSH key (optional)
(skip the `git init`, `git add .` and `git commit -m "Initial commit` steps)
# finish local setup
# Add a readme
eplain your project for others and your future self
<img src="images/gitlab_add_readme.jpg" width="100%">
# Add a license
everything you write has Copyright
Copyright gives you exclusive rights (no one can use it without permission)
use a license to define permissions for others
MIT to allow usage without restrictions
GPL to allow usage if basic freedom granted to users
(many others)
<img src="images/gitlab_add_license.jpg" width="100%">
# add Readme & License
# Install github desktop
download from
then open your repository folder
<img src="images/github_add_repository.jpg" width="100%">
# What is a readme
# Pull changes
download the changes made on gitlab
- Explains your project
- For your future self and others
<img src="images/github_pull_pending.jpg" width="100%">
# What is a license
# Commit changes
- everything you write has Copyright
- Copyright gives you exclusive rights (so no one else may use it)
- use a license to soften up this
- use MIT to allow usage without restrictions
- use GPL to allow usage if freedom granted to users
change your local file
then preview the changes and then commit
<img src="images/github_changes.jpg" width="100%">
# install github desktop
# Push changes
push the changes
- download from
- open your repository folder
<img src="images/github_push_pending.jpg" width="100%">
# commit changes
# View history
see the changes you've made in the past
<img src="images/github_history.jpg" width="100%">
# push changes
# Introduction done!
play around with in for yourself!
we are here to answer questions.
- change two files but only commit one
- revert some changes
- add some of your document to git
in 30 Minutes we will start with advanced topics.
# view history
# Advanced topics
create branch & merge request
create issue & mention it in commit
fork & merge back into origin
add different remotes
use SSH key

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