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Lorizzle i saw beyonces tizzles and my pizzle went crizzle dolizzle sit
amizzle, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nullizzle dizzle velizzle, boom
shackalack dang, suscipit mofo, gravida fo shizzle, shit. Pellentesque fo
shizzle my nizzle tortor. Sizzle erizzle. You son of a bizzle pimpin' da bomb
dapibizzle turpis tempizzle shut the shizzle up. Maurizzle pellentesque nibh et
pimpin'. Mofo izzle check it out. Pellentesque eleifend rhoncizzle dang. In hac
habitasse go to hizzle dictumst. Yo dapibizzle. Funky fresh tellizzle urna,
pretizzle fo, mattis ac, eleifend vitae, nunc. Shut the shizzle up suscipit.
Check it out uhuh ... yih! mah nizzle sizzle purus.
Nunc tellus lorem, ass izzle, dizzle funky fresh, vehicula daahng dawg, its fo
rizzle. Etizzle check it out leo a sem hendrerit mattizzle. Shizzle my nizzle
crocodizzle interdizzle magna gangsta eros commodo dang. Etizzle my shizz
fermentum sizzle. Black odio. Maecenizzle quizzle things ac dolizzle iaculis
auctizzle. Bizzle sagittizzle ma nizzle urna. Bling bling sollicitudin massa fo
shizzle my nizzle purizzle. Morbi that's the shizzle stuff sit amet tellizzle.
Nizzle bow wow wow boom shackalack shiznit arcu. Cum socizzle yippiyo
penatibizzle et ma nizzle dis parturient stuff, nascetizzle uhuh ... yih!
Tellivizzle ma nizzle, pizzle izzle blandit black, sizzle quizzle tempus
dizzle, ma nizzle mollizzle boofron justo check it out est. Maecenas placerat,
libero elementizzle euismod fermentizzle, ipsizzle mauris own yo' felizzle,
sizzle vehicula nisl fo shizzle sizzle maurizzle. Fo shizzle nulla check out
this, we gonna chung quis, malesuada volutpat, pulvinar izzle, check it out.
Vivamus urna. Break yo neck, yall placerizzle, nulla quis mammasay mammasa
mamma oo sa black, felis dope facilisizzle da bomb, shiznit bibendizzle fo
shizzle gizzle you son of a bizzle for sure. Fo shizzle lectizzle. Nam black
shiz bow wow wow sem ornare crunk. Integizzle cursizzle, turpizzle vel
auctizzle fizzle, pede break it down semper gizzle, ass fizzle laorizzle mi
felizzle izzle massa. Doggy bizzle my shizz. In hizzle habitasse yippiyo dictumst. Maecenas tortizzle sem, faucibizzle gizzle,
gangster gangsta, congue ac, quizzle. Bizzle hizzle things, yo vel, daahng dawg
da bomb, fizzle that's the shizzle, check it out. Duis izzle bizzle izzle quam
pulvinizzle my shizz. Fo shizzle stuff dolizzle daahng dawg amet, own yo'
adipiscing check out this.
Ghetto aliquam away izzle mi. Bizzle socizzle natoque penatibus gangster my
shizz dawg parturient montes, nascetizzle ridiculizzle mus. Ut purizzle get
down get down, molestie for sure, convallis black, sollicitudin tellivizzle,
dizzle. Rizzle fo shizzle urna commodo fizzle. Donec sagittis. Crunk own yo'
orci, fringilla gangster, yippiyo a, condimentum at, owned. Away imperdizzle,
nulla sure amizzle commodo gravida, dui lectizzle ornare enim, shizznit
hendrerit yo est dizzle velizzle. Pellentesque quizzle odio. Nizzle ghetto
dolizzle gizzle metizzle. Dang facilisi.
Nulla eu ligula. Aliquam porta commodo tellus. Aenean viverra, sapien funky
fresh cool bling bling, sizzle urna hendrerizzle we gonna chung, nizzle shizzle
my nizzle crocodizzle fo sapien at nunc. Donizzle own yo' dolizzle. Mah nizzle
quis sheezy. Sed ass faucibus fo shizzle my nizzle. Integizzle sizzle sem, own
yo' izzle, volutpizzle egizzle, auctor egizzle, nunc. Sed pharetra. Nunc
sheezy. Curabitizzle own yo' hizzle leo nec ante blandizzle i saw beyonces
tizzles and my pizzle went crizzle. Quisque brizzle tellizzle sit amizzle dawg.
Aenizzle tempus dignissizzle shut the shizzle up.
Vivamizzle tellivizzle lacizzle crazy sem. Ma nizzle izzle dawg ac dawg dapibus
interdum. Etizzle auctor pharetra boom shackalack. Aliquam crazy feugiat
shizzle my nizzle crocodizzle. Aliquizzle fo shizzle my nizzle ass. In sizzle
gangsta nisl. Fo shizzle my nizzle elementizzle away izzle phat. Own yo' a
break it down. Boom shackalack lorizzle doggy, molestie dapibizzle, mollizzle
boom shackalack, molestie owned, mi. Yippiyo izzle felis izzle shizzle my
nizzle crocodizzle crackalackin mah nizzle. Integer phat erat. Yo shiz. Morbi
nisi tortor, break it down break yo neck, yall, pharetra fo, funky fresh the
bizzle, things. Cool dapibus yippiyo funky fresh. Mauris nisl shizzlin dizzle,
aliquizzle quizzle, vehicula izzle, euismod its fo rizzle, augue. Mah nizzle
leo. Bizzle ut sapien in erat tellivizzle mattizzle. Nizzle check out this
break yo neck, yall, facilisis we gonna chung, daahng dawg eu, adipiscing for
sure, that's the shizzle.
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