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......@@ -266,6 +266,8 @@ Listen carefully:
# Formulate requirements
Decompose concept to suitable abstraction level.
functional & non-function requirements
YAGNI: Effort increases in O(exponential) due to complexity.
......@@ -278,6 +280,8 @@ YAGNI: Effort increases in O(exponential) due to complexity.
Cannot predict the future -> how to estimate cost?
Can estimate relative complexity!
technology / mastery independent
- Use coarse-grained numbers (Fibonaccy)
- With more unknowns, tend to increase complexity
......@@ -290,7 +294,7 @@ Same for rewards.
Combine features into sensible packages.
Resolve dependencies.
Decide upon milstones.
Decide upon milestones (properly spaces, measurable).
......@@ -321,6 +325,7 @@ Content:
- Schedule & Milestones
- Price & Payment agreements
- Legal: Intellectual Property, Bugfixing, Maintenance
- (Maintenance for 10% - 20% yearly effort)
- [E-Business Recht]( (HS)
......@@ -331,87 +336,31 @@ Courses:
Do not work for free: For bigger projects, sell requirements engineering or proof of concept.
# Write offerte
requirements are clear
schedule is realistic
risks are manageable
environment is controlled
ressources are appropriate
(financial) incentives match
# Making requirements
function & non-function requirements
# Reasons for project failures
Unrealistic Goals, Schedules and Budgets
Failure to Address or Adequately Consider the Need to Simplify Complex Business Processes and Rules That Cannot Readily Be Implemented Into New Solutions
Governance and Oversight Lack Accountability and Responsibility
Organizational Culture and "Optimism Bias" During Supplier Evaluation and Procurement
Poor Project Discipline and Process Controls That Impede the Ability to Make Informed Decisions
Failure to Define, Control and Track Change Requirements, and, in Particular, to Reference Changes Back to the Original Need
Underestimation and Overconfidence With Regard to Risk
Insufficient Management or Technical Expertise From External Service Provider, System Integrator or Consultant
Failure to Understand or Address Nonfunctional and Technical Performance Requirements
Program Manager Not Provided With Adequate Authority to Ensure the Project Is Undertaken as Required
# Estimation
can't predict the future
class: center, middle
can estimate *relative* complexity
# Execute a successful project
concrete process:
- decompose tasks i
<i>No surprises.</i>
# basic tasks
ownership product -> outside
vision, expertise, schedule -> team
progress, relationships -> stakeholders
# Review progress & risks
Take corrective action early
# Making a schedule
# Manage expections
You're 1# job!
properly spaced
Communicate progress to stakeholders.
# During the project
# Manage changes
keep stakeholders informed
manage expectations
......@@ -431,17 +380,14 @@ maintenance needs to be considered
# aspects
# Getting it Done
complexity exponential
APIs complex
getting it done
bugs after launch
maintenance is 10-20%
complexity / estimation technology independent
# After the project
# during project
......@@ -450,9 +396,6 @@ continuously overview risks
manage cost
manage expectations
# About changes
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