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# Crashcourse personal/course Website
The easiest way to publish your own papers / portfolio is having your own webpage.
We will show you how to create a simple website yourself.
You will learn the basics about HTML, design it using CSS and add some functionality using JavaScript.
In the end, we will have a quick look at PHP allowing you to generate your content dynamically.
Our target will be that you can publish a fully functional website at the end of the course.
We will touch other topics such as the basics of design when we need it.
## Inhalt
This course will give you a basic understanding of everything you need to create your own personal website.
We will have exercise breaks where you can apply the concepts at your own pace.
- HTML: Structure your content.
- CSS: Design.
- JavaScript: Functionality in the browser.
- PHP: Generate content.
- Advanced topics: Fun part for further development.
In the exercises, you will work on either a portfolio or course website (your choice!).
## Voraussetzungen
No experience required.
All tools we use are free.
## Teilnehmende
PhDs and Students.
Particularly suitable for all with no prior experience with web development.
Students who have only superficial experience (copying & pasting stuff found online...) will profit from a more structured understanding.
## Kursunterlagen
All material is published online.
## Bemerkungen
You need to be able to use your computer.
This course is offered in cooperation with The Alternative (
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We take a deeper look into how a PDF file is structured, and learn about the pro / cons of the file format. As part of this talk, we will look at the PDF and TTF specification and a (unfinished) PDF write (a program that creates PDFs). At the end of this talk, you can create a minimal PDF from scratch in a text editor.
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