Commit dd12de30 authored by Georg Teufelberger's avatar Georg Teufelberger
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Add pseudo-hash to the filename

Adds a pseudo-hash to the filename of downloaded lectures based on their
filename on the ETH CDN.

This fixes the issue of not downloading mutliple lectures if they share
a local filenname

Closes #3
parent ff6ec7ef
......@@ -425,9 +425,13 @@ def vo_scrapper(vo_link, user, passw):
# Append date
episode_title = item['createdAt'][:-6]+episode_title
# Filename is `directory/<video date (YYYY-MM-DD)><leftovers from video title>_<quality>.mp4`
# Generate a pseudo hash by using part of the filename of the online version (which appears to be a UUID)
pseudo_hash = video_src_link.replace('','')[:8]
print_information(pseudo_hash, verbose_only=True)
# Filename is `directory/<video date (YYYY-MM-DD)><leftovers from video title>_<quality>-<pseudo_hash>.mp4`
directory = directory_prefix + lecture_title + os.sep
file_name = directory+episode_title+"_"+video_quality+".mp4"
file_name = directory+episode_title+"_"+video_quality+"-"+pseudo_hash+".mp4"
print_information(file_name, verbose_only=True)
local_video_src_collection.append((file_name, video_src_link, episode_name))
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