Commit 86736c79 authored by Georg Teufelberger's avatar Georg Teufelberger
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Add option to specify download destination

parent b2d51815
......@@ -515,13 +515,14 @@ def apply_args(args):
- all
- quality
- print-src
- destination
global verbose
global download_all
global video_quality
global print_src
global directory_prefix
# Enable verbose for debugging
verbose = args.verbose
......@@ -540,6 +541,15 @@ def apply_args(args):
if hasattr(args, 'print_src'):
# Check for destination flag
if hasattr(args, 'destination'):
directory_prefix = args.destination
print_information("The user passed directory is: " + directory_prefix, verbose_only=True)
if not directory_prefix.endswith('/'):
# Add trailing slash as the user might have forgotten it
directory_prefix += '/'
print_information("Added missing slash: " + directory_prefix, verbose_only=True)
def setup_arg_parser():
"""Sets the parser up to handle all possible flags"""
......@@ -559,6 +569,10 @@ def setup_arg_parser():
help="Print link to GitLab issue page and open it in browser."
"-d", "--destination",
help="Directory where to save the files to. By default this is the folder \"Lecture Recordings/\" of the current working directory."
"-f", "--file",
help="A file with links to all the lectures you want to download. Each lecture link should be on a new line. See for details."
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