Commit 8533c9dd authored by Georg Teufelberger's avatar Georg Teufelberger
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Strip illegal characters from file name

parent 9ff84d9d
......@@ -650,6 +650,16 @@ def print_usage():
print_information("To see all possible arguments run \"python3 --help\"")
def remove_illegal_characters(str):
"""Removes characters that are deemed illegal in some file systems such as NTFS from the input string
Keyword arguments:
str -- The string from which to remove the characters
illegal_chars = '?<>:*|"^'
for c in illegal_chars:
str = str.replace(c,'')
return str
# ===============================================================
# __ __ _
......@@ -709,6 +719,12 @@ for (link, user, password) in lecture_objects:
video_src_collection += vo_scrapper(link, user, password)
# Print collected episodes
print_information(video_src_collection, verbose_only=True)
# Strip illegal characters:
video_src_collection = [(remove_illegal_characters(file_name), video_src_link) for (file_name, video_src_link) in video_src_collection]
# Download selected episodes
for (file_name, video_src_link) in video_src_collection:
downloader(file_name, video_src_link)
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