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Commit f495d76a authored by Roman Trüb's avatar Roman Trüb
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log errors of processing raw datatrace output to errorlog.csv of test results

parent d2f4ab3b
......@@ -482,8 +482,8 @@ def worker_datatrace(queueitem=None, nodeid=None, resultfile_path=None, resultfi
# process raw datatrace log (parse & apply time correction)
dfData, dfLocalTs, dfOverflow = dwt.processDatatraceOutput(input_filename)
except ValueError:
logqueue.put_nowait((loggername, logging.WARNING, "Empty data trace results file."))
except Exception as e:
write_to_error_log('{}'.format(time.time()), obsid, nodeid, 'Datatrace: Error occurred when processing datatrace raw output! Potential problems: SWO/CPU speed mismatch (see cpuSpeed tag in xml config) or target did not start properly. Error: {}'.format(e))
if len(dfData):
# add observer and node ID
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