Commit b8745389 authored by Reto Da Forno's avatar Reto Da Forno
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database schema added, property UNIQUE set for column serialid

parent 9801f4b1
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Dump structure of database using following command:
mysqldump -d -h <db_server> -u <username> -p --databases 'flocklab' --lock-tables=false > flocklab_server_db.sql
mysqldump -t -h <db_server> -u <username> -p flocklab tbl_serv_architectures tbl_serv_observer tbl_serv_observer_slot_calibration tbl_serv_operatingsystems tbl_serv_pinmappings tbl_serv_platforms tbl_serv_services tbl_serv_tg_adapt_list tbl_serv_tg_adapt_types >> flocklab_server_db.sql
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