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Commit b4c2c559 authored by Roman Trüb's avatar Roman Trüb
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minor change (adapted DT_FIXED_OFFSET_ADDITIONAL)

parent 8ac600aa
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ FILTER_THRESHOLD = 0.15 # Threshold for percentage of fi
RESIDUAL_UNFILTERED_THRESHOLD = 0.300 # Threshold for residuals magnitude to producing error (in seconds)
# time correction
DT_FIXED_OFFSET_ADDITIONAL = 0.1e-3 # mean offset in addition to half of loop delay
DT_FIXED_OFFSET_ADDITIONAL = 0.0e-3 # mean offset in addition to half of loop delay
# time correction based on Linux platform
# old platform: 4.14.108-ti-r124
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