Commit a620860d authored by Reto Da Forno's avatar Reto Da Forno
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minor change in plot access rights

parent a0e99b8a
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
<?php include_once('include/presets.php');?>
if ($_SESSION['logged_in']) {
if (isset($_GET['t']) && is_numeric($_GET['t']) && check_testid($_GET['t'], $_SESSION['serv_users_key'])) {
if (isset($_GET['t']) && is_numeric($_GET['t']) && (check_testid($_GET['t'], $_SESSION['serv_users_key']) || $_SESSION['is_admin'])) {
// user is logged in and test belongs to the user
$plot = $CONFIG['viz']['dir'].'/flocklab_plot_'.$_GET['t'].'.html';
$fs = filesize($plot);
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