Commit 85253fda authored by Reto Da Forno's avatar Reto Da Forno
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check tracing offset in testconfig validator

parent 94f736eb
......@@ -583,6 +583,12 @@ def main(argv):
if obs in debugObsIds:
usesDebug = True
# check offset
ofs = gpiomonconf.find('d:offset', namespaces=ns)
if ofs != None and (int(ofs.text) >= testDuration):
if not quiet:
print("Line %d: Offset is larger than test duration." % (ofs.sourceline))
errcnt = errcnt + 1
pins = gpiomonconf.find('d:pins', namespaces=ns)
if ("dpp2lora" in platform.lower()) and ("INT2" in pins.text):
if not quiet:
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