Commit 707a4952 authored by Roman Trüb's avatar Roman Trüb
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fix issue with multiple LocalTimestampPkt in batch (see issue #93)

parent 6eca6f47
......@@ -458,14 +458,14 @@ def splitEpochs(pktList):
followingRefpktIdx = None
for i in range(startIdx, len(pktList)):
if type(pktList[i]) in (SwoParser.LocalTimestampPkt, SwoParser.OverflowPkt):
if not currentRefpktIdx:
if currentRefpktIdx is None:
currentRefpktIdx = i
followingRefpktIdx = i
# we expect that there is at least 1 ref packet
assert currentRefpktIdx
assert not currentRefpktIdx is None
# ref pkt should not be local timestamp overflow packet
if type(pktList[currentRefpktIdx]) == SwoParser.LocalTimestampPkt:
assert pktList[currentRefpktIdx].ts != FULL_TIMESTAMP
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