Commit 680a2860 authored by Roman Trüb's avatar Roman Trüb
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datatrace: ensure numSegments is integer (float caused problems with newer version of numpy)

parent 1a9b5442
......@@ -786,7 +786,7 @@ def timeCorrection(dfData, dfLocalTs, sleepOverhead, cpuSpeed, prescaler, loopde
# piecewise regression -> interpolate.splrep()
totalTime = x[-1] - x[0]
numSegments = max(1, np.floor(totalTime/(PIECEWISE_REGRESSION_SEGMENT_LENGTH*secondsToLocalTsTicks)))
numSegments = max(1, np.floor(totalTime/(PIECEWISE_REGRESSION_SEGMENT_LENGTH*secondsToLocalTsTicks)).astype(int))
print('number of segments (1st regression): {}'.format(numSegments))
# TODO: determine number of segments based on duration of 1 full timestamp (timediff between local timestamps with ts=1999999)
internalKnots = np.linspace(x[0], x[-1], num=numSegments, endpoint=False)[1:]
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