Commit 241258d5 authored by Reto Da Forno's avatar Reto Da Forno
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new flocklab_tools parameters added

parent 29eea96a
......@@ -935,11 +935,15 @@ def prepare_testresults(testid, cur):
# Generate plot ---
if flocklab.config.getint('viz', 'generate_plots'):
owner = flocklab.get_test_owner(cur, testid)
if not os.path.isdir(flocklab.config.get('viz', 'dir')):
os.mkdir(flocklab.config.get('viz', 'dir'))
logger.debug("Generating plots...")
fltools.visualizeFlocklabTrace(testresultsdir, outputDir=flocklab.config.get('viz', 'dir'), interactive=False)
showRSTandPPS = False
if owner != flocklab.FAILED and owner[6] == "admin":
showRSTandPPS = True
fltools.visualizeFlocklabTrace(testresultsdir, outputDir=flocklab.config.get('viz', 'dir'), interactive=False, showPps=showRSTandPPS, showRst=showRSTandPPS)
logger.debug("Plots generated.")
except Exception:
logger.error("Failed to generate results plot for test %d. %s: %s" % (testid, str(sys.exc_info()[0]), str(sys.exc_info()[1])))
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