This wiki contains all the information necessary to use and develop ExOT.

Experiment Orchestration Toolkit

ExOT Logo

Welcome to the Experiment Orchestration Toolkit (ExOT) knowledge base. ExOT was build to orchestrate experiments for the evaluation of data leaks in multicore systems (e.g. Thermal Covert Channel, Power Covert Channel, Frequency Covert Channel, Thermal Side Channel). ExOT was first presented in detail in a conference paper which appeared in the proceedings of “Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE 2020), Grenoble, France, March 9-13, 2020”. The ExOT white paper gives further insight into the underlying design principals of ExOT.

Get started

In order to take advantage of all features of ExOT, please follow the steps bellow to get a basic setup:

Make sure you have the following software installed:

  1. python 3.7
  2. poetry
  3. Android Studio

Next, create an ExOT directory and clone all the ExOT repositories into this directory and initialise the submodules, using following script:

for repo in eengine app_unx app_apk compilation; do
  git clone${repo}.git
  cd ${repo}
  git checkout v1.1.0
  git submodule --init --recursive update
  cd ..

Now you have successfully installed the basic setup of ExOT. Please refer to the table below for advanced information regarding the different components of ExOT.

Developing deployment applications for ExOT

How to:

The experiment engine