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Commit e724be71 authored by Philipp Miedl's avatar Philipp Miedl

Added script to restructure data fetched from the dissertation repository.

parent e1dd00d6
# Please run this script before executing any experiments.
# This script reshapes the experiment directories fetched from the dissertation repository, such that they can be used with the codebase of the LITES submission..
# Rename environment directories
for dir in $(find . -iname 'Z5'); do mv ${dir} ${dir/Z5/Bilbo}; done
for dir in $(find . -iname 'S5'); do mv ${dir} ${dir/S5/Frodo}; done
# Rename experiments
mv thermal-sc_augmentation_parameters/ Thermal-SC_augmentation_parameters/
mv thermal-sc_repetitouch/ Thermal-SC_Repetitouch/
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