Commit 757a5e4d authored by matthmey's avatar matthmey
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addded warning

parent 74f5259c
......@@ -364,10 +364,10 @@ class SeismicSource(DataSource):
del x.attrs["stats"]
# x.rename({'seed_id':'channels'}) #TODO: rename seed_id to channels
# print(x.shape)
# print(x.shape)
# TODO: same check for obspy
if len(x['seed_id']) != len(config['channel']):
warnings.warn('Inconsistent data: Not all channels could be loaded')
if len(x["seed_id"]) != len(config["channel"]):
warnings.warn("Inconsistent data: Not all channels could be loaded")
return x
def process_seismic_data(
......@@ -1422,7 +1422,7 @@ class SegmentedDataset(Dataset):
except Exception as e:
print('Ignoring file',e)
print("Ignoring file", e)
# TODO: maybe this can be done faster (and cleaner)
i = o[0]
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